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Concrete Edging

Reduce Your Amount of Yard Work With Concrete Curbing

Enjoy reduced maintenance with the many choices of concrete edging and curbing provided by Dundee Concrete and Landscaping. Concrete curbing keeps your garden soil in and grass and weeds out. Stubborn grass will be kept from spreading into unwanted areas and loose gravel or bark will also remain isolated. Reduce the maintenance on your border itself with concrete curbing. Unlike other curbing choices, concrete curbing is durable and will not discolor or move out of place.

Without a concrete border, grass grows quickly into flower beds and walkways. Concrete curbing from Dundee Concrete and Landscaping in Spokane saves you the chore of digging out tufts of intruding grass year after year. Concrete edging will keep your flower beds and walkways separate from your lawn and create a barrier for weeds. Unlike other edging options, concrete prevents weeds and grass from growing under or over. Concrete edging will also keep your loose gravel or bark in place and out of your lawn.

Whether you want to improve the function or look of your landscape
Dundee Concrete and Landscaping can help you design and install the perfect concrete curb for your landscaping needs.

Improve the Look of Your Landscaping With Concrete Edging

Dundee Concrete and Landscaping can improve the aesthetics of your yard with various choices of concrete curbing. Create an entirely new look with curved outlining, framed flowerbeds and clean lines along walkways. Various textures and colors are available to personalize your landscaping. Our skilled staff can help you design a unique flower bed shape or create a custom concrete edge that will highlight your favorite yard feature. We’ll take care of the installation quickly and won’t disturb your current landscaping.

Concrete Edging Has Multiple Uses

Our concrete curbing not only looks great but has many creative and practical benefits. Some of our styles can be utilized as a parking curb that can protect your landscaping and lawn. Concrete curbing can also protect your landscaping from any damage done by your lawn mower. Design styles are very flexible as concrete borders can be shaped in many ways. With a wide variety of edging options offered by Dundee Concrete and Landscaping you’re sure to find an option that matches your personality and style while improving the value of your landscaping.