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Water Features

Water FeaturesDundee designs and installs custom water features. We build custom fountains, waterfalls, streams, ponds, swimming pools and bubble features.

Fountains And Bubble Features

The sound of running water masks unpleasant noises and creates a soothing effect on those listening. Concrete fountains, rock water features and bubble features are a few of the ways Dundee brings moving water to outdoor spaces. We have many designs to choose from, or we can help you create something new and different.

Waterfalls and Streams

Dundee can bring the natural wonder of the wilderness right into your backyard. A babbling brook to sit by, or a swiftly moving waterfall to block out the sounds of traffic can be achieved even on fairly flat ground. The motion of water over the rocks and sand of a stream bed filters the water, keeping it clean and clear with little maintenance required.

Ponds, Pools, and Basins

A pond is a very versatile landscape element. It can be any shape, can have plants growing and fish living in it, and it just might be the focal piece of your property. A formal mirror pool brings elegance and tranquility into your life. We also build swimming pools.