If you notice any kind of water damage to your home we highly recommend calling a professional at Dundee to assess the damage. A small water leak in a basement can be a sign of a serious drainage issue, and should be solved immediately.

Drains can become blocked, temperature changes can cause expansion in walls, and continuous outside pressure from heavy wet soil can cause bulging basement walls. When basement walls are constantly exposed to water and moisture they can crack or buckle allowing water to enter any weak points. We are trained and experienced in solving these issues.

In the event a pipe does break and serious basement flooding occurs, we can quickly remove pooled water and implement repairs to protect your home from further damage. Our professionals use sump pumps to remove water from flooded areas and can install a sump pump system to pull water out and direct it away from your home.

If you need a small repair to your drainage system or need to install an entire erosion control system, we will take the means necessary to protect your home from water damage.

    • Drain Repair
    • Water Damage Repair