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Commercial Snow Removal

Snow Plowing Parking LotCommercial Snow Removal

Don’t let winter slow your business down! Let the winter service professionals at Dundee make snow removal something you don’t have to think about. Whether the job is large or small, Dundee will work with you to make the most effective snow management plan for your property. We’ll help you protect yourself, your customers and your employees from injury and liability due to slips and falls. You’ll see why Spokane has been trusting us to get rid of snow and ice since 2006.

Snow Management

Call Dundee before it snows. We’ll evaluate your property and help you choose the snow removal services you need for the right price. Whether you need parking lots plowed, stairs and walkways shoveled and de-iced, snow hauling, or sidewalk clearing, we can make it happen. We always have the right tool for the job to ensure fast snow removal and attention to detail. Our skillful team comes equipped with snow plows, snow blowers, snow throwers, skid-steers, bobcats, sand and salt dispensers and snow shovels. Email invoices and exemplary customer service make it easy for you to do business with us.

Snow Pile in Parking LotSnow Hauling And Relocation

Do snow plows shove a mountain of dirty snow into the corner of your parking lot every year? Onsite and offsite snow hauling can free up space and improve the appearance of your property. Snowbanks and snow piles take a long time to melt, leaving you with mud puddles to step in well into the spring. You don’t have to put up with crusty brown snow accumulations along the sides of your walkways anymore. We can simply load the snow into one of our bobcats and take it away.